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Klit bag - english


KLIT is danish for dune and the pattern and color of this bag reminds me of endless windblown beaches.

The bag has a minimalistic design with some fine details. It is made in front and back post dc that are some of my favourite stitches as they give a lovely textured fabric.

The bag is made from the bottom up and the straps are sewn together at the top. The bottom part of the bag is made in the round and the straps are made in rows with decreases in the middle of the row. This is what gives the bag its special shape.

I used 9 skeins of Krea deluxe organic cotton (color 46, 165 m/50 g). As you only use very little of the 9th skein, you can make it a bit shorter and only use 8 skeins. Gauge is measured after round 7.

Finished measurements: 35 cm (13.8 in) wide, 60 cm (23.6 in) high.

Available in English (US terms) and danish

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